How to Find My Surf Spot Photo


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If you have been in the water with a photographer, the chances are that there is a photo of you in action on the website.

Normally, the photos from a session will be posted on to the website within 12 hours of the photo shoot.

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How to find your photo

Go to the "Photos of You" category.

Surf Spot photos of you can be found in the Photos of You Category,  Once you are in the category, you can filter the photos by Date and Surf Spot, using the Shopping Options Filter

Filter By Surf Spot and Month

Filter By Spot and Date (Month)
Select your Surf Spot and the Month that you were there with a photographer by clicking on the options in the Shopping Options filter as shown above.

Sort the Photos By Product Name - Up and Down

The product name contains the exact date of the photo - so sorting the results by product name and using the up and down arrow to sort the results by the exact date in either ascending or descending order.

Filter By Spot and Date (Month)

Use the Pager to view more results

At the bottom of the current list of photos is a pager, you can use this pager to skip to the next, previous or an exact page in the results of your search.

Filter By Spot and Date (Month)

If you cannot find your photo or have any questions please feel free to get in touch

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